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“Arzni Aesthetica” Surgicenter & MedSpa is located just 15km from downtown Yerevan։ in the Arzni resort area. This region is famous for its clean air and healing mineral water. The “Arzni Aesthetica” Surgicenter & MedSpa is situated in the former Children's Sanatorium and was carefully renovated using natural materials. In fact, the “Arzni Aesthetica” Surgicenter & MedSpa is considered to be environmentally friendly due to its ecological considerations in its design. For example, the heating system, hot water and electricity are provided by solar panels thereby utilizing the energy from the sun; recycled rainwater is used for sewer and irrigation; and the area has lush gardens and foliage.

The “Arzni Aesthetica” Surgicenter & MedSpa offers packages which include medical procedures such as aesthetic surgery, dentistry, intimate cosmetic surgery, and LASIC. During the treatment period, patients will stay in comfortable boutique-style hospital rooms, under the constant assessment of their healing process. The spacious patient rooms are provided with functional beds, high speed Internet, smart TVs and private bathrooms. Patients are provided with organic food made from local farm products. There is also a cafeteria and Spa center in the complex. And in recovery phase, The “Arzni Aesthetica” Surgicenter & MedSpa can organize tours and sightseeing around Armenia, to assist in the healing process.

The “Arzni Aesthetica” Surgicenter & MedSpa Surgicenter can provide transportation for the patient from Yerevan, as well as transportation to and from the airport for its international patients. And, for the patient's convenience postoperative dressings and follow-up visits can be carried out at our downtown Office in Yerevan.

The “Arzni Aesthetica” Surgicenter & MedSpa is staffed by leading specialists in their fields. Additionally, prominent international specialists are invited from around the world. Furthermore, the “Arzni Aesthetica” SurgiCenter & MedSpa is a base of the Plastic Surgery Department of Yerevan State Medical University. And the current medical staff regularly participates in continuing educational programs and qualification trainings to enhance their professional skills.

Both diagnostic and laboratory exams are carried out in the Surgicenter. The laboratory and operating theater equipped with up-to-date medical technologies, high-quality medicines and supplies. There is an extensive medical scientific library as well.

The “Arzni Aesthetica” SurgiCenter & MedSpa offers current surgical care by specialized staff in an ecologically designed and furnished medical center, thereby providing a holistic approach to facilitate a quick recovery.

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