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About Us About Us

Welcome to the website of the Gyumri Mental Health Center CJSC.

Gyumri Mental Health Center is located in the south-western part of Gyumri, near the Armenian Motherland memorial and serves the population of Shirak region.

Gyumri Mental Health Center is a closed joint-stock company founded by the governor of Shirak region.

Our Mental Health Center was established in March 1996 on the basis of former psychiatric, narcological and neurological dispensaries that have their legal status.

In 2002, the center moved from temporary cottages to a reconstructed three-story building.

The total area of ​​the yard is 1.8 hectares.

Three-story stone building:
1st floor - 494.1 sq.m, of which:

a) Maintenance of neuroses - 164.7 sq.
b) Dispensary and administrative part - 329.4 sq. m

The population is 173084 people.

The second floor - 494.1 square meters, of which:

a) Narcology department - 164.7 sq. m - beds
b) Women's psychiatric ward - 329.4 sq. m - beds,

The third floor - 494.1 square meters, of which:

a) Men's psychiatric ward - 494.1 sq. m - beds,

Other buildings:
a) Kitchen, boiler room - 123.5 sq.m.

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Nadya Baghdasaryan0312 5 04 28 /
Julietta Margaryan0312 5 04 28 /
Gagik Mkhitaryan0312 5 04 28 /
Arshak Vardanyan0312 5 04 28 /
Mayranush Harutyunyan0312 5 04 28 /
Khachaturyan Hripsime0312 5 04 28 /
Paytsar Gevorgyan0312 5 04 28 /
Artashes Sahakyan0312 5 04 28 /
Guzyal Hovsoyan0312 5 04 28 /
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