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Wood Processing / Manufacture of Articles of Straw and Plaiting Materials

Manufacture of Articles of Wood / Cork / Straw and Plaiting Materials

Manufacture of Other Products of Wood - Wooden Backgammon Production
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Handle Brand: Handle Brand announces New Year campaign. Buy Handle chess or backgammon and get gifts from brand. (2016-12-08 16:33:03)

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Mission Handle Brand - to bring beauty of natural wood in every home.

Handle Brand successfully exists and develops more than 32 years. The company was founded as a family business and carving skills were passed from father to son.

Our business core is the art wood carving as a result of which are born wooden backgammon, chess, portraits, clocks and stands for wine. Tree - this is a very warm, comfortable and extremely varied material. From it you can do a complete artwork. The joy and the light of all the details made in wood, increases many times, when you know that every item is made by hand, and invested in it the warmth of human hands.

Elegance, quality, refinement and mastery of our artists, is the key to the success of our work. We will help you create what you dreamed of, to make your home beautiful and cozy.

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