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Sewage Treatment

Other Water Supply / Sewerage and Waste Management Services - Wastewater Treatment Plants Service / Repair / Installation
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Khimmaster: Topol Water company offers WWTP for the purification of domestic, municipal and industrial wastewater. (2017-01-31 16:46:15)

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Khimmaster WWTP (5 Photos / 2017-01-30)
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Topol Water WWTP (4 Photos / 2017-01-30)
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About Us About Us

The Topol Water company in Armenia represents by Khimmaster company. The Topol Water, s.r.o. company was established in 2000 as the successor to the company of Ing. Jan Topol – Wastewater treatment plants. Up to 1990 this company originally acted as the design office and its main area of activity was the design of water-management structures and wastewater treatment plants.

In 2000 the status of the company changed from that of a natural entity to a corporate body and TopolWater, ltd. was therefore established. The main area of activity was directed by the gradual development of the company's own patent solutions and the resulting implementation from the design to the production of smaller domestic wastewater treatment plants and the comprehensive deliveries of larger communal wastewater treatment plants.

Manufacturing Programme

The main subject of activity of TopolWater, ltd. at present is the production and sale of facilities for the treatment of domestic, municipal and industrial wastewater. The production and sale of domestic wastewater treatment plants called TOPAS has the principal ratio within this activity. The technology for the domestic TOPAS wastewater treatment plants was developed by TopolWater, ltd. and is protected by international patent No. 282 411. It is delivered for capacities 5 to 150 EO in the form of compact plastic containers. These are characterized by their high efficiency, low price and reliable operation without any requirements for servicing.

Another important part of production of the company is the complete implementation of municipal wastewater treatment plants. The owner of TopolWater, ltd., ing. Jan Topol is the author of patent No. 283 156 for the MONOBLOK-T wastewater treatment plant for smaller municipalities 100 – 500 PE and patents No. 282 852 and 283 591 for the system FLEXIDIBLOK® for larger municipalities, i.e. >500 PE. Both types are based on fully automated SBR reactors with the option of the remote transfer of data to the control centre in TopolWater, ltd. The main objective of TopolWater, ltd. is the provision of comprehensive services from the creation of the project up to the implementation of the work and ensuring trial operation up to the conclusion of the resulting contract for the operation of the wastewater treatment plant.

Special Offers
Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Plants


  • Treatment of water at the source of pollution
  • Saving for service
  • Saving for re-pumping of wastewater
  • Saving for construction of sewerage piping
  • Comprehensive inspection of the de-canalization of territory

Principle of remote inspection of the wastewater treatment plant

  • Computer unit at the wastewater treatment plant - control of wastewater treatment plant.
  • Connection of the wastewater treatment plant with the control centre - 1x per day - about 2min. data transfer, minimum costs for communication, immediate reporting in the case of failure (fixed line, GSM).
  • Control centre for remote inspection - an experienced technologist evaluates the data – and if necessary, sends service technicians to remove any failure.


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