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«CHAP» LLC was founded in 1999 in Gyumri, since March 2013 the company is called «CHAP CHEMICAL» LLC.

The founder and owner of the company is Khachatryan Vahan (known to the public as the founder of the GALA television company), which in 2002 acquired the emergency building of the former Gyumri branch of the enterprise "Armlegpromsyryo" and, as a result of capital construction and installation works, completely restored and restarted the production enterprise.

Simultaneously with the progress of construction, the work of the company's specialists did not stop: continuous research activities were carried out, laboratory tests of new developments were conducted, the necessary personnel was selected, intensive contacts with consumer groups and partner organizations were not interrupted.

The specialists of the company initially had the task to develop, using the latest technologies and exceptionally natural raw materials, various grades of high-quality solid soap that can satisfy the most exacting customer's demands, so that the price of the products corresponds to the capabilities of the local consumer.

In December 2010, the first batch of the latest technological equipment for the production of solid soap was imported from Great Britain; During 2011, the production of the first 4 types of solid cosmetic soap brand "Noyemi" was established:

  • Noyemi classic (90 gr.)
  • Noyemi harmony (90 gr.)
  • Noyemi exclusive (90 gr.)
  • Noyemi silk (90 gr.)

To date, the brand name "Noyemi" is on the market in the form of a solid cosmetic soap weighing 90 gr, 80 gr and 60 gr, as well as a laundry soap weighing 200 gr and 150 gr.

Currently, the company's specialists are engaged in developing new varieties of soap to replenish the collection of the Noyemi trademark, taking into account the opinions and wishes of consumers, while taking a differentiated approach to different consumer groups. So, taking into account our customers' reviews, the food animal fat, originally included in the raw materials, was replaced by a mixture of high quality vegetable oils - coconut and palm oil. It is noteworthy that the entire assortment of the trademark "Noyemi" consists of components of exclusively vegetable origin and natural additives such as honey, milk, olive oil, etc.

Specialists of "CHAP CHEMICAL" pay special attention also to micro-marketing programs aimed at meeting the needs of the local consumer, including individual requests. Intensive feedback from the customer is for the company's specialists an inexhaustible source of new ideas and initiatives, thus contributing to the improvement of the consumer qualities of our products.

The priority, the main task of the company is to further improve its trademark in order to provide domestic consumers the opportunity to use high quality products at a reasonable price, which is especially important given its purchasing power; as well as ousting, as far as possible, from the domestic market of Armenia foreign trademarks, in particular, products of Turkish production.

The company considers its perspective task to develop new markets.

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