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Categories: Dental Care Clinics
Categories: Dental Care Clinics
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Dental Surgery

Tooth Extraction

Difficult / Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Dental Cyst Removal

Dental Implants

Pulpectomy and Pulpotomy

Jaw Odontogenic Periostitis Treatment

Abscess and Phlegmon Treatment

Oral Surgery

Removal of Oral Benign Tumors

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Periodontal Surgery

Healing of Oral Maims

Dental Therapy

Tooth Decay (Caries) Treatment

Prevention of Tooth Decay

Caries Endodontic Treatment

Restoration of Non-Carious Cervical Lesions

Pulpitis Treatment

Periodontitis Treatment

Treatment of Cheilitis

Treatment of Oral Mucosal Diseases

Stomatitis Treatment

Treatment of Glossitis

Teeth Whitening

Calculus (Tartar) Removal

Ultrasonic Tartar Removal

Teeth Polishing

Aesthetic Dental Restorations


Implant Prosthetics

Fixed Prosthetics

Removable Prosthetics

Combined Prosthesis

All-Metal Dental Crowns

Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal Crowns

Porcelain-Fused-To-Noble Metal Crowns

All-Ceramic Dental Crowns

Dental Micro-Prosthesis

Composite / Dental Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Inlays

Crown-Root Inlays

Other Inlays and Onlays


Malocclusion Treatment

Treatment with Removable Appliances

Treatment with Fixed Appliances

Treatment with Functional Appliances

Functional Treatment / Myotherapy

Orthognathic Surgery

Placement of Dental Braces

Metal Braces

Ceramic Braces

Transparent / Invisible Braces

Other Dental Braces

Orthodontic Retainers

Pre-Orthodontic Trainers

Orthodontic Implants


Periodontal Diseases Treatment

Machine Treatment

Medication Treatment

Periodontal Diseases Prevention


Dental X-Rays

Radiovisiography (RVG) Diagnosis


Other Dental Care Services

Tooth Decorations
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Optimum Dental Clinic: Optimum offers a dental tourism service. You can get high-quality dental services while enjoying your stay in Armenia, by visiting the sights of this great country. (2018-01-22 16:53:01)

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Welcome to the Optimum dental clinic page. The clinic was founded in 2014 with the aim of providing high-quality dental services. Here are working high class professionals, possessing the latest knowledge and skills. Our doctors underwent numerous trainings in foreign and Armenian clinics with highly qualified specialists.

It should be noted that the Optimum clinic is equipped with the necessary equipment and materials that provide high-quality treatment. The clinic has a cozy and friendly atmosphere that makes your visits pleasant. We hope that you will enjoy the services we offer, and our cooperation will be long-lasting.

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Andranik Serzhik Ghukasyan(37498) - 323117
Nazeli Benik Navoyan +374 98 32 31 17 /
Ishkhan Armenak Margaryan(37498) - 323117
Artur Badalyan098 32 31 15
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