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Phytocosmetology and Massage Happy smile

Phytocosmetology and unique massage clinic Happy smile - This is a beauty studio in the center of Yerevan providing a wide range of cosmetic services based on the latest innovative technologies and developments using high-performance cosmetics.

Olga Vasilyevna Sepetchyan, founder and leading cosmetologist (25 years experience in the field of cosmetology) together with her daughter Asya Akopovna Sepetchyan developed and created a specialized room for modern cosmetology. A distinctive feature is the professionalism of cosmetologists and the use of modern technologies of manual and hardware cosmetology.

The cabinet services provided focus only on phytocosmetology.

The cabinet is exclusively provided by professional cosmetics brands Pierre Fabre, Hormeta, Weleda, Forlle, Forlled, etc. that have proven themselves worldwide. That is why the specialists of the clinic choose them for their clients.

In addition to the high level of service in the clinic, clients have the opportunity to keep in touch with our specialists in order to keep abreast of new products in the beauty industry and receive advice on caring for themselves, both during free consultations and in social networks.

Doctors attach particular importance to the selection of cosmetics for home care. They help clients decide on the choice of means, give advice and advise on various issues.

The Cabinet of Cosmetology specializes in non-invasive methods of rejuvenation. Professional integrated anti-age programs are conducted by products of Hormeta and Forlled. Anti-age therapy programs include a unique massage method.

The motto of our office is an individual approach to solving problems. We find the right approach to each client and try to satisfy all his requests, convey only good emotions and get excellent results from the work done!

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Safe Teeth Whitening and Dental Veneers in Happy Smile

Teeth whitening procedures can be considered as an integral part of aesthetic dentistry, as well as a mandatory procedure in the prevention of dental diseases.

Happy Smile Clinic uses only high quality and safe materials, thanks to which our doctors can change the color of teeth by 2-8 tones and without harming the tooth enamel. The end result depends on the structure of the human dentition and the degree of natural or artificial darkening of the teeth.

Dental Veneers

A beautiful and healthy smile is the key to the success of each person, because a sincere smile reveals a person to the world, and vice versa. A smile gives us new opportunities and provides the high quality of our life that deserves each of us.

One of the best options for restoring a smile is dental veneers, which are currently in great demand all over the world.

Veneers are a composite or ceramic thin layer that fits over the entire surface of the tooth, giving the teeth a natural and beautiful look. Each veneer is made individually. Veneers are made of composite, ceramic or zirconium. This recovery method saves you time and gives long-lasting results.

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Venus Freeze - Pledge of Young Skin

In Happy Smile Clinic opened a new room called Venus Freeze, which is licensed in Canada. This device has attracted the attention of women not only in America, but around the world.

Venus Freez is a painless and safe Hollywood device that performs the following functions:

1. Weight Loss
2. Cellulite treatment
3. Anti-aging cosmetology
4. Smoothing wrinkles
5. Skin rejuvenation

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