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Carlo Comberti Shoes from Exotic Leather

Carlo Comberti factory works only with high quality exotic leather types. The skin of snakes has an amazing picture that fascinates your view by its beauty and uniqueness in the full sense of the word. But such a charm, how has the python skin, does not have any other. Like withstand guilt, she also prettier over time with proper care. Its scales are open, giving an exquisite velvety surface.

Ostrich leather is unique by its considerable thickness, by surprisingly softness and its wearability is about 30 years, while the durability of cowhide only 5-6 years. Ostrich leather is easy to process and is suitable for the manufacture of a wide range of products. Distinguish ostrich skin with follicle pattern and skin with horny plates.

Crocodile skin - premium class material, advantages which are beauty, distinct unique pattern and incredible strength.

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Carlo Comberti Individual Order

Factory Carlo Comberti takes orders for manufacturing of custom-made luxury shoes. In this case, you will become the owner of an exclusive shoe in the truest sense of the word. Shoes can be made within 5 days individually, in small batches, in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Exotic shoes includes: shoes made of crocodile skin, python leather shoes, shoes made of ostrich leather, shoes made of high quality suede and other exotic leather. The customer can choose the model of shoes, the type and color of a leather, as well as accessories for this model. In addition, these shoes differ sophisticated design and high quality materials. This, in turn, provides wearing comfort of such shoes.

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Carlo Comberti Exclusive Jackets Orders

Carlo Comberti takes individual orders for tailoring of products from exotic leather like crocodile, python, ostrich. Jackets from exotic leather tight, fashionable and just talk about the consistency of their respective owners. These jackets do not lose face practically under any conditions - exotic leather is not erased, puncture, scratch or retains its color. The customer can choose the model of shoes, the type and color of a leather, as well as accessories for this model. The duration of the order depends on the model of jacket or coat.

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